About Us

"Mum calls me Mikki. I call my daughter B. The name just came to me very naturally. I suppose it's a big nod to the layers of women in my life. My mother, sister, daughter, friends. Strong, independent, fragile, emotional, sassy, proud, talented women. We are MikkiB." - Michelle Puckey. Owner, MikkiB Fashion.

We love clothes. Ladies fashion in particular. We love buying it. We love styling it. We love the story you can tell through the clothes you wear. And we love selling fashion from our boutique in the cute little hills village of Mt Evelyn, Victoria. It's home. Established in 2015 we have happily spent the past 5 years growing our bricks and mortar business, having a hands on approach to customer service. "It's all about the fit" has always been our motto. But time has come to expand our fashion-passion to include the on-line world. A little scary because online we can't have our "hands on" relationship with you. Easy in the change-room. Not so easy online. Getting the fit right is way more important than the size you wear. We really hope we can translate and communicate the fit of our products to you through our online store. Customer service is really important to us so please reach out through our "Contact Us" section with any queries about size and fit and we will do our upmost to give you all the info you need to make the right purchase. Your on-line experience is just as important as your experience in our shop. If we can make it better for you then please let us know how. Thanks for reading this by the way. x