The Re-birth of the Jogger

Ahhh the jogger. It never saw it's resurgence coming. But thanks to a year of lock-downs and home based restrictions this basic, indiscrete pant is now finding itself into the weekly wash with other staples like socks, jocks and your fave pjs. Why? Because not only can we wear it all day without looking too much like a tracksuit or active-wear but we can then wear it to the track or to be active in! And yes, some people may even jog in it. But mostly we'll probably just feel super comfy in them and love that they have pockets and elastic waist. And the whole drawstring thing is fun to play with when you need to keep your hands busy to stop yourself from snacking. Again. Or you can just tuck it away and pretend it doesn't exist. If you don't tie it into a nice bow or tuck it in properly then it hangs like a dag at the front and that's not a good look, even when no one's watching. So rejoice jogger in your VIP status. 2020 has been good for you.