Spring 2020 - An Opinion

It's here! After probably the most depressing Winter of our lives, we are finally seeing the light at the end of our Stage 4 Lockdown Restrictions here in Melbourne. And we are starting to smile again. The air is warmer. The sky is clearer. The days are longer. And our wardrobes are.....well it's time they got a freshen up too. Bring on the lighter fabrics, shorter sleeves, less layers, pretty prints and all things good about the weather warming up. Just keep staying safe everyone. And then we can hopefully have an awesome Summer that we all so desperately deserve.

So what should we think about when it comes to our Spring wardrobe? Restrictions of some kind will still be around and a lot of you will continue to work from home until at least 2021, so it's going to be a mix. There's still a need for the "stay at home" casuals in easy, comfortable fabrics. So the likes of our Organic Cotton Range by Joop & Gypsy is perfect. But as our social restrictions ease and we're let out of our homes (some of us will be running out) to enjoy small, intimate gatherings with missed family and friends where we will still be dressed quite casually but with a yearning to feel fresh, free and feminine. And probably in something a bit loose as most of us have a few extra Covid kilos. Let's be honest, who wants to diet when we're given back some social freedom?

Expect to see a surge of pretty decorative prints this Spring/Summer. Not just to brighten our wardrobes but to also brighten our days. Don't fear colour. After a Winter in lockdown you deserve to wear the brightest and most colourful clothes. Also look out for the comeback of the Tshirt. Slogans, graphics, brand names, mottos, they'll all be there. And what looks best with a Tshirt? Jeans of course. Denim will be huge this SS. From shorts to baggy jeans, skirts to overalls. We see less "dressy" looks and more co-ordinated, easy casual looks, mixed and matched to keep it simple. So a maxi skirt that can mix with your cami, wrap top or slogan Tshirt then you take those tops to wear with your jeans. A pretty dress, for that alfresco night out dining, paired with your denim jacket. And some elastic waisted linen pants for those get together with friends. These can be worn with your new tops too. And then there's the walking. I think we've all found a new appreciation for walking with friends, so those comfy sneakers teamed with those joggers you bought during Winter, with fitted tanks or Tshirts to balance the shape and you're ready, set, GO SPRING!