How To Un-Shrink Your Clothes

Look around this summer and you'll be hard pressed to see any clothing that isn't made from light breathable fabrics the likes of linen, cotton, rayon, viscose and lace. These garments if cared for correctly will take you through this summer and many summers to come, if you care for them correctly. We cannot stress how important it is to follow the care instructions. If you choose to ignore them you may end up with that once worn dress now a size too small for you or centimetres shorter than it was before. If by chance you have "accidentally" shrunk your clothes, then click on the link below to see how you can "unshrink" your garment. Please note we cannot guarantee success when the damage has already been done. But in most cases we have found this method works.

You see, these fibres are delicate and when put into water they shrink up. If you bash them around, heat them up, cool them down, use harsh soaps and spin them dry, they're going to freak out! So click on this link and watch Jillee show you how it's done. This is not a new invention. It's been tried and tested and we've been washing like this for years. And when pulling the fabric please be firm yet gentle. You will hopefully see the fabric lengthen as you pull it into shape. And a bonus is this takes out wrinkles so there'll be no ironing when dry. 

In summary please remember prevention is better than a cure so follow those care instructions and if in doubt, hand wash like it's a baby. It's definitely worth the extra effort. Good luck.